Our Profile
  • Adventure Media is a full service Advertising Agency backed with Fifteen years of rich organizational experience that specializes in creating targeted media plans for our clients. We help organizations from diverse industries to address their customer service needs across various channels like Outdoor, Electronic, and Print & Digital Media.

  • Over the years we have developed dedicated, devoted professionals assisting us in our Auto Rickshaw Advertising & handling major Transit Media Campaigns using all latest & state of the art techniques which are client-oriented, idea-centric, and result-driven. It provides communication solutions that is creatively refreshing, remarkable and outstanding, ingeniously clever and effective and gives penetration and mileage for your money.

  • We are a fine tuned organization of young, aspiring and dynamic professionals. In today’s die-hard world of advertising, we are striving to evolve novel & hard hitting advertising techniques. We create effective advertising in complete coherence with advertiser’s marketing objectives for communicating their message to sharply defined target buyers through this fantastic promotional media offer of Outdoor promotions with Auto Rickshaw branding on a nominal cost to best suit to your media plan. "Branded Auto is the most affordable outdoor medium”.